Who we are

While there are many video companies, few can offer the understanding and skills required to create video that fully delivers your organisation’s brand and key messages.

Our press, brand and advertising backgrounds bring a fresh perspective to video-making, giving you the perfect blend of strategic insight, meticulous project management and creative flair.

Our knowledge of marketing and press communications across all sectors makes us particularly well placed to deliver compelling video that supports and develops an organisation’s direction of travel.

We work with corporates, SMEs, the education sector and NGOs to tell their stories and help them demonstrate their value to their audiences.

We plan, write, direct and produce your video and message with you so that they reflect both short-term needs and long term strategy.

We create videos that are written, filmed, directed and edited clearly to support your organisation’s positioning and values – and bring them to life.

What people say

Julian Gorham – Head of Brand – Gather​

Matthew is so reliable he is the kind of videomaker you would choose to get stuck in the desert with – which is pretty much what happened to us on a recent shoot in the Middle East. He is tough and resourceful – always finding ways to get the job done, but he brings with it the sensitivity of someone with an eye for composition in the camera and an instinct for visual narrative. The result? Video that engages, whatever the subject. Why risk anything less?

Anne Newton – Richmond Chamber and Gary Kendall – Newsquest Group

Backbone Production’s professional and leading edge videos, shot for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Newsquest Media Group, of the Richmond and Twickenham MP’s and business, government and media leaders, have been invaluable in increasing Richmond upon Thames exposure both in the UK and overseas; the team’s work is thoughtful, creative and impactful.

Roy Beadle – Former Head of Internal Communications – BAT

I’ve worked with Matthew for over two decades across two industries. Why? The quality of work has to be there of course. With over 35 years global experience that begun in the uncompromising world of Fleet Street, you can take it as a given – Matthew knows his craft. But in working environments from boardrooms to blizzards, from fields to factories and from desks to deserts, I’ve seen two things stand out consistently, that have kept me asking him back.

First, a passion not just for getting the job done, but getting as much out of any shoot as possible, for completing a quality job whatever the circumstances. A total refusal to be diverted, no matter what happened or changed. Over the years, I’ve placed Matthew in some tight spots – places and situations that were challenging in the extreme. He never let me down. Always came out smiling with job done, expectations exceeded. Mr. Reliable.

In my experience, moving and still images have the best chance of working successfully as communication when they have a human element at their centre. People are more likely to be engaged and responsive, when they can identify and empathise with other people appearing on a screen. Facing a camera is not a common or comfortable aspect of most people’s everyday lives. Matthew is a master at working closely, patiently, with everyone to make a shoot relaxed and to help people get their message across as naturally as possible. In short, his work is imbued with a warmth, a vital human connection, so important for communication to succeed.

That’s what makes Matthew stand out for me and why, on any project, he was my first phone call.

Anne Lotter – Director – Big Oz Industries

I have known Matthew for more than 10 years and I have always found his work to be of the highest integrity. He recently shot a video for our company are we are delighted with the results. His care and professionalism to work with us and get the messages we wanted out there, combined with an artistic flair for detail, makes for a truly engaging process.

Tony Cooke – Director – Richmond Corporate Developments Ltd

I’ve had a look at your website – I think it’s attractive, informative and easy to use and feel it will be effective.